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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about LEXNTECH IP Law Office that will help you better understand our services and us:

1. What is LEXNTECH IP Law Office?
LEXNTECH IP Law Office (“LEXNTECH”) provides high quality and low cost IPR services to attorneys, corporate, individuals and private practice at a fraction of the cost charged by its competitors.

2. Where and how does LEXNTECH conduct its research?
Our Research Specialists generally conduct their research on Westlaw, Delphion, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), Intellectual Property Digital Library (IPDL), Google, and other relevant databases.

3. Can you cover any jurisdiction?
Yes, we research issues arising under the International laws specifically Indian, US, and Europe laws
4. How long does it take to get a project completed?
Time to completion depends on the number and complexity of the issue or issues being submitted. We've turned around projects in as little as 5 hours.

5. In what formats can you deliver the project?
We can deliver the projects to you in any format you like, on paper or electronically.

6. Will you provide copies of the authorities cited in your research?
Yes. If you want copies of the authorities cited in the research project, that requirement will be reflected in the project description and the authorities delivered along with the work product.

7. How do you charge for your services?
Our hourly rates include all on-line research costs, copying and telephone expenses. The only disbursements that are billed in addition to these rates are any applicable courier charges. However, we are happy to e-mail our clients the final work product at no additional cost.

8. How is LEXNTECH able to charge so much less than its competitors?
We hire some of the brightest attorneys in India to conduct research and draft patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright applications. By taking advantage of the wage disparity between our registered Patent Attorneys, registered Patent Agents, registered Patent Consultants, registered IPR Attorneys, registered Patent Engineers, registered Trademark Attorneys, registered Trademark Agents, registered Trademarks Consultants, Scientists, and former Patent Office Examiners have strong technical background and expertise in handling cases relating to their field of technologies, we are able to reduce our costs and pass a significant portion of those savings on to the customer.

9. How do you bill?
We generally ask that customers pay an upfront retainer equal to ½ the expected project cost and then be billed for the remainder of the balance within 15 days of project completion, or in the case of ongoing projects, at specified intervals. We accept payment through Visa, Mastercard and American Express via our secure payment form and also through Western Union, TT transfer, and Paypal.

10. How do I submit a research or patent project to you?
Requesting attorneys may call us at +91.1146534986 or at +91.9818777872. Submitting a project through secure encrypted email is the preferred and generally most efficient method of submitting a project. However, you may also send a project request by mail at our Delhi correspondence addresses.

11. How do you handle export control issues that may arise in connection with your patent
To ensure compliance with export control regulations, LEXNTECH carefully screens each patent project prior to commencing work. LEXNTECH will notify the customer if, in its opinion, a license is required to do the work.

12. What is your service guarantee?
LEXNTECH guarantees complete satisfaction with its service. If a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, LEXNTECH will do whatever is necessary to make him or her satisfied, including a full refund of the customer's money.

13. How is quality controlled at LEXNTECH?
We go to great lengths to control the quality of our services. All our IPR Specialists have excellent English writing skills, graduate from the top Indian law schools, have at least three years of legal practice experience, and pass a rigorous, proprietary research assessment test created by LEXNTECH. Each of our India-based Patent Specialists graduated from a premier Indian university with a degree in his or her respective field and has at least three years of experience drafting Indian, U.S. and European patents for large U.S., European, and Indian companies. In addition, a large percentage of the Patent Specialists graduated from one of the top five law schools in India and/or have advanced degrees in their respective fields. As a final quality control screen, LEXNTECH's a senior Patent Attorney OR Trademark Attorney thoroughly review and the work product for accuracy and proper format. The Patent Attorney also graduated in the top of their law school classes, have practiced at reputable U.S. law firms, and possess superior research and writing skills.

14. How do you protect confidential information?
LEXNTECH goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality of its customers' information. All information is stored on a secure server, which encrypts transmission of data between users' browsers and the server. In addition, LEXNTECH and its employees are under the same obligation to preserve the confidences and secrets of your clients as your employees, associates and outside counsel. We keep all information disclosed by our customers in connection with a project strictly confidential. We also sign an NDA prior to receiving the confidential information. No customer has ever complained or alleged a breach of confidentiality.

15. Is the work product of LEXNTECH covered by the attorney-client privilege and the
attorney work product doctrine?
Yes. Confidential information given by an attorney to any other expert witness, insurer, paralegal or LEXNTECH retains its privileged character where the purpose is to aid the requesting attorney in giving legal advice to the client. All client communications transmitted to LEXNTECH are for the purpose of furthering the client's interest and assisting the attorney in his or her responsibility to provide the best possible legal advice to the client. In addition, the attorney-work product doctrine applies to communications between the requesting attorneys and LEXNTECH's employees.

16. Are lawyers ethically required to disclose their use of an outside research service to
their clients?
Substantial authority indicates that attorneys may, but are not required to, disclose their use of LEXNTECH's services to their clients.

17. Do you conduct conflict checks?
Yes. At the time a research project is submitted, LEXNTECH collects sufficient information to perform a conflict-of-interest check. LEXNTECH strictly avoids any question of conflict of interest by declining employment if it has provided services to opposing counsel on the same case. However, LEXNTECH will research opposite sides of the same issue for different parties, so long as it is not the same case. LEXNTECH accepts projects on a first-come, first-serve basis.

18. Are lawyers entitled to add a reasonable profit premium to LEXNTECH's charges?
There is substantial authority that a practitioner may charge his or her client a premium in excess
of what LEXNTECH charges the practitioner, so long as the total charges are reasonable and the practitioner vouches for LEXNTECH's work just as it would for one of its associates.

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